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Vascular Lab

About Vascular Lab

If you need a safe and accurate evaluation of your circulatory system’s health, a vascular lab can meet your needs. The interventional radiologists at RIA Endovascular in Greenwood Village, Colorado, can detect vein and artery problems and tailor your health care to your needs. The practice is renowned for effective, minimally invasive treatments, so reach out to RIA Endovascular by phone or online today to learn how the team can help you.

Vascular Lab Q&A

What is a vascular lab?

A vascular lab carefully tests for problems in your circulatory system. The team at RIA Endovascular boasts an accredited facility that specializes in this area of radiology, and the tests are designed to be minimally invasive.

The information they gather can provide vital information for your overall health, such as diagnosing:

  • Narrowed arteries
  • Varicose veins
  • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • Arterial blood clots

The exams can also reveal symptoms of a stroke or mini-stroke, allowing you to get prompt care and prevent future damage.

How should I prepare for my vascular lab?

It’s important to fast for at least four hours if your exam includes your abdomen, since fasting will minimize the amount of gas in the area and improve the quality of your ultrasound images.

Your usual medications may take precedence, so talk to your provider for specific recommendations.

If your exam involves other parts of the body, such as your neck or legs, you don’t need to worry about any dietary restrictions before your vascular lab.

What types of tests are included in a vascular lab?

The RIA Endovascular team is skilled in administering a variety of tests to diagnose or rule out issues, but a few of the more common tests include:

Ankle-brachial index (ABI)

The ABI checks your blood pressure at the ankles and arms and compares the two readings. This simple, painless test can help the team get to the root of pain symptoms and indicate blockages.

Carotid duplex scan

This is an ultrasound test to assess the blood supply from your heart to your neck and brain.

Extremity arterial mapping

Extremity arterial mapping also uses noninvasive ultrasound to look at the blood flow to your legs and arms. It can help the team pinpoint areas of concern.

RIA Endovascular provides renowned, minimally invasive care and ensures you get the proper exams to meet your needs.

How long does a vascular lab exam take?

Exam times can vary, depending on what tests your symptoms require. Vascular lab exams are usually scheduled to last 60-120 minutes, and the team at RIA Endovascular works efficiently while keeping your comfort in mind.

A vascular lab can give you important answers and protect your future health. To learn more, reach out to the nearest RIA Endovascular office by phone or online today.